This was our spread for Season One. We made a whole big bunch of flavours trying to figure out which ones work well and which not so much. Many of them knocked it out of the park. A few bombed. In Season Two, we are getting better.

Season One was launched in April 2017, and we made 17 flavours with 5 fruits and 11 spices. We started selling online first, and then went on to add retail shops one-by-one, reaching 100 shops across the nation in December 2017. By March 2018, we had sold all but a fraction of our stock, and were ready to launch Season Two with our learnings. You can perhaps find a couple of bottles of Season One still in your neighbourhood store, and perhaps on Amazon but that's about it. Season Two is going to be 3x bigger, and (if we can say so ourselves) 30x more fun! Check out out some of our Season One offerings below.

Figs & Cinnamon

Kids love the taste of this fruit spread. Teach them to share. Not you, though. One does not simply share a Figs & Cinnamon.

Figs & Lime Zest

Marmalade for Fig-lovers. ‘Nuff said!

Figs & Ginger

Figs & Ginger sounds like a rom-com movie title, and is as light, refreshing, and easy to fall in love with. Try it on your first date. Just make sure you don’t leave the jar behind when you sneak out in the morning…gingerly.

Mangoes & Clove

Clove love! Even Sinbad-the-sailor loved them and traded in them. If you are the adventurous kind, like Sindbad, this fruit sprad is for you.

Mangoes & Ginger

Note: This product contains ginger, but no gin.

Mangoes & Mint

Did you know that ‘“Mint” derives its name from the Latin Mentha and is known in Greek mythology as the herb of the hospitality? Well, now you do. Don’t let that bother you though, as you hide your T&G Mangoes & Mint jar from your guests.

Mangoes & Pepper

Pepper was probably responsible for much fighting in the last 500 years. Makes you want to think before sharing this jar, though.

Mangoes & Nothing

Pure mangoes. For the purists. No added flavours. Because.

Mangoes & Chilli

Mangoes & red chilli. Not for those who think fruit spreads are all nice and sweet. Like the hands that made these, this one packs a punch.

Strawberries & Mint

Strawberries & Mint sounds like a hit song from the 1960s and has the same evergreen taste. Don’t try to sing with your mouth full though.

Strawberries & Lavender

Seriously, who knew? Lavender? We all expected the mangoes to make their mark with kids. But for some reason this is the one they like. Parent-tested. Kid-approved.

Strawberries & Pepper

A fruit spread for grown-ups with an evolved palate and a mature outlook towards fruit and spice…which would mean no one we know.

Strawberries & Ginger

Like a vivacious, extroverted red-head, Strawberries & Ginger can be your BFF, unless you are Tom Cruise, and you are through with red-heads for a while. But if you aren’t 5’7” and into Scientology, you might want to give this one a spin.