This brand has a story. It has many parts to it. It’s a long story. It’s a funny story. You don’t need to know said story.

What you need to know is about a year and more ago, we started making these fruit spreads. Initially to be used as jam with sandwiches and waffles so that our 2-year-old can get something nutritious to eat without a fuss. But soon, someone used them as pie fillings, someone made smoothies from them, and someone put them in milkshakes. One of our favourite uses is marinade for meats and as mixers for drinks (they go great in chaats too, like the Mangoes-Chilli in paani-puri water). We have had folks eat them with ice creams too. Kids have asked for them with dosas as well. So who knows how far and wide their use has gone.

But each time we hear of a new way our spreads are being used, our hearts grow a little bigger and our kitchen becomes that much more determined to bring better, tastier, and natural foods to everyone’s homes.

And now, you can try them too.


In India, we are used to eating what would be classified as “Jellies” anywhere else in the world. It wouldn’t be incorrect to state that Indians haven’t yet been introduced to real jams & fruit spreads at all, except when they have travelled abroad and marvelled at the difference such a seemingly insignificant condiment makes.

Introducing “Tasha & Girl”, a brand that is dedicated to bringing the natural taste of fruit to the Indian table. Tasha makes the fruit spreads (Research, Kitchen & Production, HR, Public Relations), Karthik makes it look good (Creative, Social, Online, Marketing, Online Sales, Packaging Design), Kedar makes it real (Finance, Accounts, Sales, Infrastructure, Statutory Compliances).

The girl makes it all worth it. And a whole army of friends helps us get there.

5 fruits. 11 spices. 17 flavours. In seriously cute bottles. And that was just Season 1. Season 2 is an even more refined bag of tricks.

Last year, we started with a small facility next to our farm at the foothills of Sinhgad near Pune. Some of the mangoes, if you have tasted our mango spreads, have come from less than a 100m from where we processed these bottles. But there is a limit to how much noise and bustle the farm can handle before the dogs and cattle in the neighbourhood complain. Also, we can only make so many bottles and as evident from the strongly worded emails we got over our out-of-stock flavours, no amount is enough.

This season, we have moved to a larger place. We are making a larger number of bottles. We are making better, more consistent product too. We have folks who wear lab coats and talk in Brix and Acidity, End-point temperatures and PSI. It is all business-like. Until the girl walks in. That is when the real boss shows us how things are done.

If you have read this far, here’s an honest question: What the hell are you waiting for? We are available only in over 100 stores across India, in Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Satara, Yavatmal, Goa, New Delhi, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Tiruchirapalli, Puducherry, Vellore, Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Gangtok and even Port Blair! We also retail online on Amazon and a couple of other web-stores.

We’d say “Share” but we know you wouldn’t want to. So, make sure you hide the bottle when it arrives! You may, of course, share this website. In fact, we’d love you to.

And lastly, remember: You only live once. So, #lickthespoon.