Low-Hanging Fruit (Spreads)!

It's too late to make it weird this season!

But worry not. We will have more. Soon. And then you can earn your goodies. Again.

So Tasha & Girl and PEO have been doing this for a year and more now, and so have you.

Most of you have loved our products (we humbly say “most” because we don’t want to be weird about it). With all the cooky fruity-ness that we put you through, seeds and skins included, it's safe to say that we have had a lot of fun. And for that, we would love to give you free fruit spreads. Again. But, this time, you will have to work for it, even if only very little.

Tasha & Girl and PEO would love to watch you eat our spreads. Like literally. We want you to eat our fruit spreads on camera. We want you to make it fun with words and music and filters and such. Make. It. Weird. Film your kids eating them, or your grandmother. Say something funny in the end in the language of your choosing. Share the entry on YOUR social media profiles, tag us (we are @tashaandgirl on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), tag Pune Eat Outs, and we will serenade you with a bottle of the Season 2 spreads (packed specially for PEO). Yes, each and every one of you who upload a video (within the rules) will get a FREE bottle of our spreads, home-delivered.

Want more? OK. The five best efforts will each get a PEO card worth Rs.3,422 (AND coupons worth 3,150). On the house. Does that sound sweet or what? Now go! Make it weird. Make it fun. Make a mess.

Please read the rules before running off and shooting your grandmother. With a camera, of course. What did you think?

Rules and other things.

  1. Shoot a video of someone eating our fruit spread (available in Dorabjee’s, Fine Foods, and 120 other stores across India, as well as Amazon and soon to be on Big Basket) with a spoon, with a finger, on bread, on chapatti, in milkshakes, on cakes, or with anything innovative, or simply by itself. Make sure the label is clearly visible. The person eating the jam must say a full sentence after eating it. Extra points if you film your grandmother. Even bigger bonuses if she says something witty. Language no bar. Make it vernacular; make it spectacular (you will have to provide a translation though). The more creative your video, the better your chances at the rewards.
  2. All audio must be clear. Keep it short. 15 seconds or less. Upload this video with the hashtag #SpreadTheWord (Also tag both Tasha & Girl and Pune Eat Outs -PEO, else how will we know!) to any of your SM accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and to PEO, along with a transcript of what was being said in the video (or you can make up something funny too).
  3. Important Note: a) Do NOT upload on PEO or T&G Social Media handles. Your entries will be deleted. b) DO mark the privacy as ‘Public” so we can re-share.
  4. EVERY entry will receive a bottle of Tasha & Girl Fruit Spread specially packed for PEO. You will be required to share your postal address (with PIN) and a valid contact number in a mail to us@tashaandgirl.com with a subject line: “Contest Giveaway”.
  5. FIVE Lucky winners will win a PEO Card worth Rs.3,422 (and FREE coupons worth Rs.3,150) each. If you already have one, you can nominate someone for it. इससे दोस्ती और प्यार बढ़ता है।
  6. Contest ends on 31 August 2018, midnight.

Note: Just so we don’t get into trouble, anything you upload pertaining to this contest will belong to Tasha & Girl Private limited, to be used at the discretion of the company. (If you do a good job of it, we might feature you in one of our videos and such.). Also, please ensure you have the consent of the person you are filming. It’s rather a shock to think one is alone enjoying a bottle of Figs & Cinnamon and then find the entire, gory act exposed to the general public on the Interwebz, putting paid to the alibi you were thinking up when your doctor asks if you’ve been binging on something sweet. That would be a travesty. Ask. Nicely. Then, film.